Thursday, 30 June 2011

Form and Function - Fulham, London

The Look: Navy Blue Cotton Sailcloth Jacket; the Carrier Company £54, T Shirt: Gap. 

Production Designer Andrew Sanders has minimalist taste and likes clothes that perform well under pressure when out on location. This jacket is well made, will last forever and gets better with age. It's categorized as a gardening jacket but you could take it anywhere.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Mary Ottaway Artist - London

The Look: White Sailor Trousers and Matelot Top; Gap about 3 years ago. Shoes; Bensimon

Finding clothes is quite a problem these days if you are into low key fashion. Mary always looks very chic, but she is frequently frustrated by the amount of fussy details on current clothes and why so many things are very low cut, when not everyone wants to have everything on show. The current trend is for seventies style colours and loud details...a bad look then and a bad look now. Mary is in classic matelot gear, sort of early sixties St Tropez, when St Tropez was very cool. It still works.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Emily Young, British Stone Carver - Grosseto, Italy

The Look: Jacket from Pietra Santa, Italy where Emily also buys her stone. Trousers; (5 years old) Joseph.  Shoes: Wedding Shoes by Emma Hope (12 years old), originally white, dyed black by Emily.

Here is Emily in her monastery in Italy where she has been preparing for her show 'The Maremma Heads' to be seen at The Fine Art Society, Bond Street from 8th - 28th July.
As for her clothes, she uses a lot of plain black very effectively and is always altering or dying things she feels aren't quite right. She has been known to splurge a fair bit on items that catch her eye, but she works very hard, in a tough, dusty environment, breaking into large rocks and a trawl round the shops is a bit of well earned, light relief.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Made to Measure - Hasting, Sussex

Craig's jacket, circa 1991; made from organic hemp by Ronnie a tailor in a basement on Bishops Bridge Road. Craig dyed it blue.  T shirt; organic linen made to measure by playwright and fashion designer Lorna Holder.

Craig Sams has always been ahead of the game in fashion, business and pretty much everything else. Here he is with his favourite seagull outside his greenhouse in Hastings. Having founded, among other things, Green and Black's chocolate with his wife Josephine Fairley, his latest project is Carbon Gold a biochar fertiliser.

His overall view on clothes is this: if you shop for clothes quite often they don't fit properly, the sleeves are too short, trousers don't fit round the waist etc. It therefore makes more sense, long term, to have things made to  measure. He roots out small independent tailors, uses organic fabrics as much as possible and hardly ever buys anything new. As a result he has a lifetime supply of suits, shirts and t shirts.
Audrey of Hasting repairs everything, relines waistcoats etc; salvaging garments that would otherwise be thrown out.