Sunday, 20 February 2011

Carmen Du Sautoy Actor - Hampstead, London

The Look: Jacket - Ventilo Paris circa 1998. White Cotton Ribbed Camisole - Paris circa 2004. Jeans - Classic Cut On The Waist Slim Leg Armani circa 2008 (now sadly obsolete, Carmen had the sense to buy 6 pairs in the 2 years they were available).

Plain clothes people are unashamedly fond of black, we rather like a crisp white shirt and a well cut pair of jeans. We're not averse to colour but use it sparingly. We like to look relaxed, rather than trussed up and have an eye for proportion and detail.
We're low key, minimal types (sartorially speaking), but also real people who enjoy comfort and a certain degree of practicality. Shops in the main seem to have forgotten about us (such as a certain chain store we could mention). They think their customers either want to look like designer fashion victims, head to toe in patterning, detailing, draping, embellishing, logoing etc, or offer clothes that are just plain dreary, dull and horribly middle of the road. Yet we are not a tiny minority. There are thousands of us out there on a quest to find those items that still have that edge that we want.


  1. Hooray at last someone has highlighted what thousands of us women have been quietly fretting about for years. The everlasting search for simple, chic wearable, well cut clothes instead of the rubbishy, overfussy and generally unflattering fashions that are pushed at us by so many stylists, designers and fashion journalists.

    Congratulations Plain Clothes Detective. More please!

  2. Yes! At last! Stylish simplicity, classic elegance! More please!


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