Friday, 24 June 2011

Emily Young, British Stone Carver - Grosseto, Italy

The Look: Jacket from Pietra Santa, Italy where Emily also buys her stone. Trousers; (5 years old) Joseph.  Shoes: Wedding Shoes by Emma Hope (12 years old), originally white, dyed black by Emily.

Here is Emily in her monastery in Italy where she has been preparing for her show 'The Maremma Heads' to be seen at The Fine Art Society, Bond Street from 8th - 28th July.
As for her clothes, she uses a lot of plain black very effectively and is always altering or dying things she feels aren't quite right. She has been known to splurge a fair bit on items that catch her eye, but she works very hard, in a tough, dusty environment, breaking into large rocks and a trawl round the shops is a bit of well earned, light relief.

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